Podcast, 2020

Radio Utopistan

Radio Utopistan talks to visionary people from around the world.

Utopian ideas drive us as humans, they drive humankind and humanity. And Radio Utopistan wants to find out what drives those visionary people. It was the belief that we could fly, conquer disease or live in permanent peace that gave women and men the courage to take risks, to step out, to try things and also to fail.

Many things that we take for granted today, were mere utopias in their day. And the people who fought for them were ridiculed, shamed, harassed and also killed. 200 years ago the end of slavery was still utopia. The fall of the Berlin Wall just 35 years ago. Where does that leave us today? What are the utopias of our time? What about real gender equality? Basic income? Nature rights? Peace in the Middle East?

Radio Utopistan collects the stories of global and local visionaries. People who want to change the system or build some space outside the system.